What is Digital Printing?

What is Digital Printing and What Can It Do For You?

Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images onto a physical surface. It produces excellent quality full color or black & white prints at a fraction of the cost of offset printing

Two Significant Differences are:

  • Every imprint made on a paper can be different. With traditional printing, each sheet (page) requires its own plate run time making only large runs economical.
  • Digital printing is more environmentally friendly. It produces less paper (no ink correction/chemical balance setup sheets needed), and eliminates the use of most chemical commonly used in traditional printing.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Great for Small Runs. For smaller runs such as business cards, flyers, postcards, newletters and many other items digital printing is optimal.
  • Cost Effective. Cost savings are achieved because using digital files incurs no extra expense such as plate making, separate ink charges or press clean-up charges which are typically added into the final cost for offset printing. The end result is a quality printed product at a lower cost than that of traditional offset printing.
  • Quick Turnaround. Since the digital press runs from digital files, much of the setup time (plates, ink color changes) required for offset printing does not exist, thus cutting the time required to complete a print job from start to finish considerably.

What Does That Mean For You?

It means Artech Printing can offer you digital printing direct from your digital files or one we have created for you. You now get exceptional, quality full color or black & white, prints for a fraction of the cost of offset printing.